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End customer process

What can the end customer do in the Collector’s MyPages (customer portal)?

The end customers can see and pay their invoices or select to pay in parts in the MyPages. The credit agreement can be signed there if they have chosen to pay in parts. If the customer has overpayments, they can save their bank account information there, to receive the payment refund.

When will the end customer receive the invoice?

We will send the invoice after the order has been activated. Usually, the activation takes place after the order has been delivered to the customer and the merchant then sends us the activation message. For Direct invoices we will send the invoice right after the activation. For accounts and part payments, the invoice is sent in the next month or if there are campaigns, the invoice is sent during the month when the invoice will be due (e.g. “buy now, pay in two months”).

How long does it take before a reservation on a card is released for the end customer?

When the payment is cancelled, the reservation will be automatically released after 24 hours.