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Delivery Module

With the Delivery Module, selection of delivery method is integrated into Walley Checkout. This gives a better user experience when selection of delivery methods are done after identification based on the given delivery address and the content in the cart. The Delivery Module is built in a way that in can call any provider for delivery methods as long as the response is according to a given interface. The providers of such delivery methods will be referred to as delivery adapters.

Current delivery adapters

  • nShift Delivery Adapter - An adapter that Walley owns that handles integration with nShift's apis. By creating a Delivery Checkout configuration in nShift and provide us with the required credentials you can get started rather easily.
  • Custom Delivery Adapter - Build and host your own adapter that Walley Checkout will call to get the available delivery methods. This option gives you maximum flexibilty and features to empower the Delivery Module with delivery methods.
  • Redlight Custom Adapter - A Custom Delivery Adapter built by Redlight Media for merchants using WooCommerce.

Supported markets

The delivery module is supported on the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish markets.

Shipping fee

Since the customer selects delivery method inside Walley Checkout, the fees.shipping object for Initialize Checkout and the entire Update Fees Request are obsolete. Shipping fees should be configured for every delivery method and the fee will be added to the order as the customer changes selection.

Client-side event

A client side event is sent every time the delivery method information is changed. This event can be used to display the most recent delivery information outside Walley Checkout. When this event is received, the information can be fetched by Acquire Checkout Information in the data.shipping object.

// Start listening to the shipping updated event
document.addEventListener("walleyCheckoutShippingUpdated", listener);