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In-store mode

Walley Checkout supports running in in-store mode. In-store mode is intended to be used on a tablet or computer in a physical store where merchandise is then collected at a drop off point inside the store.

When running in in-store mode the following rules apply:

  • The "Remember me" feature is disabled. A customer cannot be remembered by the Checkout.
  • Autocomplete of fields in the browser running the in-store checkout must be disabled. See the documentation for your browser for more details.
  • Setting a delivery address is disabled as merchandise is collected in the store.
  • Merchant must provide a redirectPageUri when initializing the Checkout. This page must support reloading the page or starting a new Checkout session with a new customer e.g by automatically reloading the page after some time or by providing a "next customer" button.

In-store mode is configured per store id. Please contact Walley Merchant services to configure your store id as a in-store merchant.