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Settings profiles

Walley Checkout supports a concept of settings profiles to allow merchants to control which features can be used by the end customer.

The profiles are setup by Merchant Services and each profile is given a unique name that is used by the Merchant when inititalizing the Checkout.

The following is a subset of the features that can be set using profiles. Please contact Merchant Services for additional information.

  • Enable or disable payment methods (according to contract)
  • Set a custom name of the "Account" payment method, like TheStore Account
  • Set the DeliveryMode so the Checkout can be used for services where nothing is physically delivered DeliveryMode: Digital, or in a traditional e-commerce where something is delivered physically DeliveryMode: Physical
  • Allow invoices to be auto activated upon creation (requires supporting workflow in merchant´s backend)
  • Allow customers to identify themselves without a national registration number (using only delivery address)
  • Prohibit customers from setting a delivery address different from the registered address (for example when selling merchandise that requires legal age)
  • Enforce a minimum age for purchases, ranging from 1 to 120 years. If set, the user must provide and confirm their civic number with an electronic ID when identifying.