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Upsell for pending credit purchases​

It’s possible to include your own upsell functionality after the purchase is complete in the checkout. This is done with a call to Reauthorize with the added products of the customer's choice or a larger amount than the original.

How to get started πŸš€β€‹

  1. When the purchase is completed and the checkout information is fetched, it will return an orderId.
  2. Use the orderId for calling the Reauthorize endpoint, remember to send along all existing article rows with the new upsell articles if you want the old articles to show on the new invoice. If you only want to adjust the amount, sending in an amount is enough. This will return a 201 or 202 response depending on if a credit check is needed or not. The response headers will contain a Location header with a path to the order.
  3. Use this url path to verify that the order has successfully been reauthorized. In the case where a credit check happens (201), you will need to poll on the endpoint you recieved in the Location header to await that the reauthorize finalizes.
Please note

The reauthorize call is only possible for credit purchases with status NotActivated or PartActivated. This means that invoices that are auto activated cannot use the upsell functionality.