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Whenever you want to charge the customer using a customer token you need to create an authorization which can be auto captured, or captured at a later stage.

Creating an authorization

The customer token created previously can be used to charge the customer at any time. The customer is charged by creating an authorization using the customer token.

POST /purchase/authorizations HTTP/1.1
Host: // (Please note! Different hostname in production)
Authorization: Bearer bXlVc2VybmFtZTpmN2E1ODA4MGQzZTk0M2VmNWYyMTZlMDE...
Content-Type: application/json

"customerToken": "f590b7c4-0d2e-4d99-a3c7-5c1a39f45dce",
"order": {
"id": "id-001",
"description": "Description 002",
"unitPrice": "10",
"quantity": "1",
"vat": "25"
"id": "id-002",
"description": "Description 002",
"unitPrice": "2",
"quantity": "10",
"vat": "12"
"currency": "EUR",
"reference": "01478520",
"actionReference": "reference 1234",
"captureMode": "Auto"
"attemptSchedule": {
"relative": ["00:00:10", "00:00:10", "00:00:10", "00:00:10", "1.00:00:10"],
"absolute": ["2023-12-24T14:00:00", "2023-12-11T18:30:00"]

Request Properties

Request headers

AuthorizationYesInstructions on how to generate the authorization header value can be found here.
customerTokenYesThe customer token retrieved from the initial Walley Checkout information
orderYesOrder related information, see order tab
attemptScheduleNoIf not provided, we will perform one attempt as soon as possible

Important error responses

Error codeCause
400Could be missing required properties, invalid schedule, or other client side verifiable errors
401Incorrect, missing or expired bearer token
404The customer token was not found for the authenticated bearer token
503There was some internal error. Please try again