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Tokenized payment is a kind of flow that can be used for recurring purchases, subscription based models, or one-click-payment models. First, a customer gives their consent by using Walley Checkout in a mode supporting tokenization, then you can execute consecutive payments using that consent.

Payment tokenization is in preview

Currently the payment tokenization functionality is in preview mode and may change before general availability


Card payments is currently the only supported payment method for tokenization. More payment methods will be enabled in the future.

Token explained

When customers make their first payment using Walley Checkout, they agree to possible future payments. After this first payment, the merchant gets a customer token linked to the customer's payment method. This customer token is key because the merchant uses it to charge the customer later. However, these charges aren't automatic. The merchant has to make each charge happen by using a the authorization endpoint. This way, the merchant can choose the best time to charge, following what was agreed with the customer.

The token is basically a unique identifier for

  • The end customer
  • The chosen payment method
  • The storeId