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Create a widget token

Before using any of the widgets, a widget token must be acquired. This is done by sending a POST request to the widget endpoint on the backend channel. The response contains the token to use when rendering the widget and an expiry date when the token is no longer valid.


The widget token should be reused for all widgets until it expires. Failing to do so will put our system under an unnecessary performance load, and might lead to a temporary shutdown of the feature for you.

POST /widgets HTTP/1.1
Host: // (Please note! Different hostname in production)
Authorization: Bearer bXlVc2VybmFtZTpmN2E1ODA4MGQzZTk0M2VmNWYyMTZlMDE...
Content-Type: application/json
"storeId": 123

Request headers

AuthorizationYesInstructions on how to generate the authorization header value can be found here.

Request Body Properties

storeIdYesStore id related to markets SE, NO and FI are supported. Received from Walley Merchant Services.


widgetTokenThe token used to render the widget.
expiresAtThe timestamp when the token expires and can no longer be used.