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Refund Item


"id": "10001",
"description": "Shoes",
"unitPrice": 95,
"quantity": 1,
"vat": 25,
"type": "purchase"


idArticle id of the productstringMax 50 characters
descriptionDescription of the productstringMax 50 characters
unitPricePrice per product unit. Including VATnumberMax 2 decimals. Should be negative when adding a fee
quantityQuantity per productnumberIntegers only
vatVAT ratenumbernumberNot required. Defaults to zero. This should be added to added fees or discounts when refunding
typeDifferentiates between a refund of a purchase row, a fee or a discountstringPossible values are Fee, Discount or Purchase. Defaults to Purchase if not set to any of the possible values