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Web Service Authorization

In order for the SOAP envelope to work according to the specification, it needs to be authorized using a username and a password. In addition to these two parameters, the AddInvoice request and the SetReservation request also needs the ClientIpAddress parameter to work properly. The ClientIpAddress should be the IP address of the customer performing the purchase at the partner's web shop.

You will receive a username and a password from your Partner Integration Manager at Collector Bank after the agreement has been signed. You will receive different credentials for the test and production environment.

Date and time formats#

All date and time data sent to Collector must follow the ISO 8601 standard. E.g. 2010-06-16 15:27:00.

Text encoding#

The eCommerce services use UTF-8 as default encoding for all messages.

Request parsing#

The API:s parse the request parameter values by node position and element name. Use the format specified by the WSDL to make sure all values are parsed correctly.

Country code#

Country code follow the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard, e.g. SE

Currency code#

Currency code follow the ISO 4217 standard, e.g. SEK, NOK, EUR