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About Jetshop#

A strategic e-commerce partner, passionate about your success. Jetshop is an innovative and strategic technology and knowledge partner, driven by your success across all channels. We provide you with a cloud-based e-commerce platform, creating the best possible conditions for successful omnichannel retaling and cross-border commerce. Jetshop plays an active role in evolving your business online, allowing you to achieve your goals – whichever they may be. With us you will become and remain ONE STEP AHEAD.

Versions supported#

Walley Checkout is integrated in Jetshop Commerce platform version 68.1.

How to install module#

Jetshop and Walley will sync and activate the configuration.

Customer types supported#

TypeAvailable Countries

External payment methods#

External Payment MethodsIs Available
Order functionality
Settlement via Collector


FunctionalityIs Available
Activate Invoice
Part Activate Invoice
Full returns
Part returns
Discounts after activation
Cancel Pending Invoices
Change Pending Invoices
Extend due date
View invoice in backend
Resend invoice by e-mail