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With the Loyalty Booster, a selection of CRM systems and programs are integrated with Walley Checkout. It allows merchants to provide a more seamless journey for their customers, as the checkout experience will be connected to the merchants' own CRM systems or loyalty platforms. Customers will no longer need to enter login information multiple times, since Walley will recognize if the user is a member of the merchant’s program. If so, Walley can help the merchant show information about potential rebates, coupons, membership levels and points. If not, Walley can seamlessly sign up the customer to the merchants' loyalty programs as part of the checkout experience.

Supported markets

The Loyalty Booster is supported in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland for B2C.

Current integrations


Our integration with Voyado allows Walley to check if a user is a member of the loyalty program of the merchant. If the customer is not already a member of the loyalty program, Walley will ask the customer if they would like to enroll as part of the checkout journey. If so, Walley will automatically enroll the customer to the membership program after completing the purchase, all without leaving the checkout experience.

How to get started

Contact Walley Merchant Services for help with the setup. Merchant Services will need your Voyado API key, Voyado API URL, and then we will handle the rest.