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Distribute Pay Link

It is possible to send a Pay Link to a customer. This enables customers to receive a ready-to-pay checkout session where they can finalize the purchase on their own device by identifying themselves and selecting a payment option

After the customer has received the Pay Link, the rest of the flow will be the same as for a regular Checkout session i.e. the notification callback to your system will be performed once the purchase is successful and if you have implemented the validate call it will be performed as usual.

The customer will get a text message similar to this:

To customize the text sent to the customer, please Contact Walley Merchant Services for configuration.

To distribute a Pay Link you must first create the Checkout session as you normally do by following the Basic Steps here

Once you have created a Checkout session it can be distributed to an end customer by issuing a POST request as per below:

POST /checkouts/1eec44b5-66d3-4058-a31f-3444229fb727/paylink HTTP/1.1
Host: // (Please note! Different hostname in production)
Authorization: Bearer bXlVc2VybmFtZTpmN2E1ODA4MGQzZTk0M2VmNWYyMTZlMDE...
Content-Type: application/json

"destination": {
"mobilePhoneNumber": "0730481277"

The request body should contain a json object with the receivers mobile telephone number.

Please note

Currently the only distribution type available is by mobile phone number.

Request Properties

Request headers

AuthorizationYesInstructions on how to generate the authorization header value can be found here.

Request properties

destination.mobilePhoneNumberYesThe recepients mobile phone number. Supports foreign phone numbers if country prefix is added. If no country prefix is supplied, the current countries prefix will automatically be added, i.e. +46730 and 0730 are both accepted as start of a valid phone number in Sweden.

Error responses

Error codeError ReasonCause
400Validation_ErrorThe request contains properties with invalid values. Details are provided in the response body.
503Could not notify customerThe service provider to push a pay link returned an error or was unavailable.