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Getting Started with Pay Link

To use the Pay Link you must first create the Checkout session as you normally do by Init Checkout session. When the session has been created you use the paymentUri from the response of the initialize checkout request and redirect the user browser to that URI.

Optional query parameters

You can add some parameters to the paymentUri you have recieved before you redirect the user. e.g.

showCartbooleanThis controls wether the cart will be shown in the paylink. Default: true
langstringThis parameter specifies the language in which you would like to view the content. The valid language options are based on the locale, such as en-SE, sv-SE, fi-FI, etc. It is important to note that only the languages available for the current market can be specified. If an invalid or missing value is provided, the default language for that market will be used instead.

Cancellation option

If providing a checkoutAbortedRedirectPageUri in the initialize checkout request, a go back button will be shown for the customer. If pressed, the customer will be redirected to that redirect page. Once that is done, that checkout session is aborted and cannot be reused. A notification callback will be sent if that button is used. When fetching the checkout, the status will be Aborted.

It is also possible to use use the abort Pay Link api to abort the current checkout session.