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Part Activate Invoice

This functionality is used when part delivering goods.

Creates an active invoice for the requested articles. If any pending articles remain a new pending invoice will be created for those articles and returned in NewInvoiceNo (this NewInvoiceNo should be used when activating the invoice in the next shipment).


Fieldmin OccursnillableMaxTypeDescription
Username1false50stringThe username used to authorize the request.
Password1false50stringThe password used to authorize the request.
ArticleList1false-Article[]The list of articles that should be activated. See below.
CorrelationId1false50stringCorrelationID is sent back in the response.
CountryCode1false2stringThe country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) for the country.
InvoiceNumber1false50stringThe invoice number previously returned in AddInvoice.
PaymentInfo1false-PaymentInfoBank or invoice Information for payout. Used in this request to replace the PaymentInfo sent in the AddInvoice request, if needed.
StoreId1false-intThe StoreId used for identification of store.


ArticleIdstring50The ArticleId of the product
Descriptionstring50The Description of the product
Quantityxstring8The quantity of the product
UnitPricedecimal6,2Price per unit incl. VAT.

*Please note that Quantity AND at least one of the parameters ArticleId, Description or UnitPrice must be specified.


ReceiverNamestring64Name of the company
ReceiverRegNumberstring64The organization number of receiving company
PaymentReferencestring350Reference added to the payment. OCR number must be no longer than 20 characters
BankAccountstring50Bank account number. For bank account types with multiple parts "|" (pipe) is used as a delimiter.


  • 0 - Bic Iban (DEUTDEFF DE99203205004989123456)
  • 1 - Iban (DE99203205004989123456)
  • 2 - Plusgiro, with OCR
  • 3 - Plusgiro, with message
  • 4 - Bankgiro, with OCR
  • 5 - Bankgiro, with message


Fieldmin OccursnillableMaxTypeDescription
CorrelationId1true50stringCorrelationID from the request if any.
DueDate1false12datetimeThe due date of the invoice.
InvoiceUrl1true-The url to invoice in pdf format.
LowestAmountToPay1false6,2decimalThe lowest amount to pay on the invoice.
NewInvoiceNumber1true50stringThe new invoice number with the articles that where not yet delivered.
PaymentReference1true50stringThe Reference that should be as a reference on an invoice.
TotalAmount1false6,2decimalThe total amount to pay for the invoice.

Example Requests

Description:The operation acitvates parts of an pending invoice. For Direct invoice it returns invoice details for other invoice types only invoice no.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:pay="">
<pay:ArticleId>ArticleId 1</pay:ArticleId>
<pay:Description>Description 1</pay:Description>

Error Codes

Please see separate page Error Codes

Fault CodeDescription
INVOICE_NOT_FOUNDThe invoice number does not exist.
UNIQUE_ARTICLE_NOT_FOUNDWhen article with the same article id is found several times but have different unit prices. The unit price must be specified also to locate the specific article.