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Send Invoice

Resends the invoice to the end customer. If invoice rows have been changed, SendInvoice also automatically creates a new updated invoice with remaining articles and send the new invoice to the customer.


Fieldmin OccursnillableMaxTypeDescription
Username1false50stringThe username used to authorize the request.
Password1false50stringThe password used to authorize the request.
ClientIpAddress1false50stringThe IP address of the customer performing the purchase at the partner's web shop.
CorrelationId1false50stringCorrelationID is sent back in the response.
CountryCode1false2stringThe country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) for the country.
InvoiceNumber1false50stringThe invoice number previously returned in AddInvoice.
InvoiceDeliveryMethod1false4intThe way to notify the end customer. 1 = regular post (may result in fees to partner) 2 = e-mail
Email1false260stringThe email address to the end customer.
StoreId1false-intThe StoreId used for identification of store.


Fieldmin OccursnillableMaxTypeDescription
AvailableReservationAmount1true6,2decimalThe current available reservation amount. If fixed credit reservation is not used, 0 will be returned.
CorrelationId1true50stringCorrelationID from the request if any.
DueDate1true-datetimeThe due date of the invoice. Only returned if the invoice is auto activated.
InvoiceUrl1true200stringThe url to invoice in pdf format.
LowestAmountToPay1true6,2decimalThe lowest amount to pay on the invoice. Only returned if the invoice is auto activated.
NewInvoiceNumber1true50stringThe invoice number of the notification if it differs from the invoice number posted in the request, otherwise null.
PaymentReference1true50stringThe payment identification number. This is the id the customer must use when they do a payment of an invoice. Only returned if the invoice is auto activated.
TotalAmount1true6,2decimalThe total amount to pay for the invoice. Only returned if the invoice is auto activated.

Example Requests

Description:The operation resends an invoice based on invoice number.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:pay="">

Error codes

Fault CodeDescription
INVOICE_NOT_FOUNDWhen the specified Invoice number can’t be found.