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You will find the order search by clicking on "order". Here you can search and see all orders for your organization.

Free Text Search field

The hub uses a free text search which means that you should be able to search for almost anything inside an order, some examples are:

  • Email address
  • Order number
  • National registration number of a customer

Sometimes when searching, you will get more results than wanted. The exact search checkbox will add explicity to the search and will search for exactly the text you input.

Searching with filters

If you want to find orders based on a specific critera such as date or status, one of the drop down filters can be used.

Searching by queries

If none of the existing filters can show what you would like, it is possible to use queries in the search field. This can be done for most of the properties that you can view on an order or customer.

Ex. storeId:1158 AND status:Activated will show activated orders for the store 1158